Lahore Chamber of Commerce shows satisfaction over minibudget

Finance Minister Asad Umar has present a reforms package today which is being called the Mini Budget.

The president of Lahore Chamber of Commerce Mr. Almas has shown some satisfaction over this minibudget.

Here is what he said:


Overall response:

He says it was not a minibudget but an economic reforms package. There were mistakes that took place over the timespan of a decade. This Govt has tried to fix them all with this package.

Check this too: Pakistani Exports surged by 1.7 percent. 


There were many withholdings and taxes previously. Asad Umar and PTI Govt have tried to reduce it all.


The duties on over 150 raw materials have been waved off. He says our industry will become competitive after the duties being cut off.

It will then bring more investment and betterment once its practically done.

Trickle Down Effect:

Mr. Almas says there are different things in this regard. Some of the aspects will change in 6 months, some in a year and then a few in 2 years.

But overall, it’s a good package that will boost the economic activities which will eventually benefit a common man.

Final thoughts:

The president of Lahore Chamber and Commerce says we’re very positive about it. A lot has been covered in this budget and rest will be done after we request the govt to do so.

Take a look at the full copy of minibudget:

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