Health Minister Punjab speaks to the doctors’ community – An informal talk

  • Minister of health, Punjab, Dr. Yasmin Rashid was speaking to the doctors’ community at an event organized by Innova Labs.
  • It was an informal talk filled with stories and her struggle.
  • She talks about what it means to be a doctor and serve humanity.

“Doctor is not a profession, its a responsibility” theme of the event.

Take a look at the speech of Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

Health Minister Punjab starts talking about her career as a doctor. Started talking about her mother’s Gynecology clinic.

My mother used to talk with the patients for hours, the consultation and talk used to last for hours. At times, she wasn’t able to eat on time because she was too busy with the patients. We used to ask her ‘what are you spending this much time on?’. She would respond by saying ‘she has issues in her family and there is no one else she can talk to, So I have to listen to her domestic problems as well.

“I grew up in a doctors’ house and I witness how my mother looked after patients” 

Sharing her life-story:

As she talks about her life as a doctor, she started from her mother and tells an interesting story which goes:

“My mother had to visit the clinic at 2 am because she had to take care of the delivery. Although she could drive herself but I woke up and went with her as moral support. I parked the car outside the clinic, she comes back with a smile and satisfaction.

I asked her why are you so happy and satisfied? She responds by saying that the delivery was normal, the mother and the baby are okay and that’s satisfying for me.

Then I randomly asked ‘how much fee have you taken for this case?’

-5o Rupees, she said.

I asked her, why? She said ‘it was her 11th baby and the husband has to provide for them, that’s why I took whatever he gave me”

So this was the level of dedication a doctor carries.


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