Indian Media gets schooled by Dr. Moeed Yusuf yet again

  • Dr. Moeed Yusuf is the National Security Advisor of Pakistan.
  • He recently had an interview with the Indian journalist Karan Thapar.
  • He schools the Indian Media YET AGAIN about the facts related to Pakistan.

“PM Imran Khan has said we want to live like civilized neighbors but Indian government’s RSS-inspired Hindutva ideology has come in the way” – Dr. Moeed

It was the second interview of Dr. Moeed with Karan Thapar and he has schooled the India media yet again. Let’s take a look at some of the important parts of the interview:


He has clearly stated that Pakistan wants to move forward but not at the cost of innocent lives.

The most important condition to start a dialog between India and Pakistan:

India as a state and its state-controlled media (which is pretty much the whole Indian media) have been continuously blaming Pakistan for terrorism. But it has always been merely an allegation and they have been unable to produce any concrete evidence to back their claims.

While Pakistan on the other hand has brought up solid evidence multiple times. Apart from the confessions of Kulbushan Yaadev, Pakistan has presented a whole dossier on how India has been involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan.

The recent attack in Johar Town Lahore was also planned by India and Pakistan has presented concrete evidence in this regard.

Pakistans response on Afghanistan’s situation:

Pakistan has a clear stance on Afghan situation that the people of Afghanistan must be given the authority to choose their fate. There is no military solution for the situation of Afghansitan as the US has tried it already for two whole decades but failed miserably.

The Hindutva Supremecy Mindset in India:

So after watching these befitting replies for Dr. Moeed, you must be thinking about watching the whole interview. We got this for you, watch the complete interview below and let us know what you think about it:

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