Frequently asked questions about MTI and their answers.



  • Medical Teaching Institutions Act (MTI) of Punjab Govt is under hot discussions these days.
  • Young Doctors are claiming that MTI will privatize the hospitals.
  • Govt. says it will bring reforms and relief to the common man.

Let’s talk about the frequently asked questions about this medical teaching institutions act.

The information shared in this article is shared by Health Department Punjab. Here are the FAQs and answers about MTI.

What is the proposed medical teaching institutions act?

The purpose of making MTI was to improve the healthcare system in teaching hospitals. It was necessary to provide better treatment for a common man and a better way of working for doctors and staff.

It is necessary to keep a check and balance on the functionality of the teaching hospitals. The following matters need to be kept in check for better healthcare provision:

  • All of the machines in hospitals are working properly.
  • The doctors are staff are performing their duties.
  • The staff and doctors are satisfied with the system.

It was the need of the hour to provide international-standard facilities and that was not possible under the same old system. So the Govt decided to come up with this MTI act.

The process of drafting this MTI Act:

Stakeholders of all medical association were taken on board before finalizing this act. There were 32 meetings where stakeholders including young doctors’ representatives were sitting. Changes were suggested by them and made a part of the act.

Before we jump into any further questions, let’s talk about the salient features of Medical Teaching Institutions Act. 

  • Doctors and staff won’t have to visit the health secretariat for even their small issues.
  • A reasonable increase in the salary of doctors.
  • A one-line budget for hospitals to help purchase the machines and equipment in a faster way.
  • More doctors available in OPD and a system of punishment and reward.
  • Putting an end to the culture of bribe.

The most important question, is the Govt going for the privatization of the hospitals?

None of the hospitals are being privatized. The Govt will keep on providing funds to hospitals. Medicine provision will also be continued and the hospitals are being given a broader autonomy.

The one-line budget and autonomy will enable the hospitals to buy their machinery and equipment in a quicker way.

What will be the system of salary increment and performance evaluation?

It was the demand from the medical staff that their salaries are not enough. This MTI act enables them to earn more. The performance will be evaluated every 3 years and their growth will depend on their performance.

Is there any change in the system of Pay-Scale and transfer?

Yes, there has been a change in that system which suggests the following:

The doctors and staff have the authority to choose between the new system (MTI) and earn more, or keep working under the same old system.


They will be the employees of the Govt in both cased. If they choose to go with the new system, their transfer will only be possible if they want. There are departmental rules and regulations about it.

What about the pension and retirement?

The MTI act not only provides more salaries, but it also enables the staff to get pensions after retirement.

What about the process of Disciplinary Action?

The system of justice has been clarified in the act, all of the medical professionals are provided with a professional right. Board of governors will be making the decisions about Disciplinary Action.

A case can be filed in the appellate tribunal in case of disagreement with the board of governors. A panel of retired judges will give the final verdict.

Will there be a ban on private practice?

Consultants will be able to continue their private practice inside and outside the hospitals. They will have to pay a certain portion of their income to the Govt when they’re practicing inside the hospital after their duty hours.

OPDs in hospitals will be available for more time. Not only the doctors but other staff will also be able to earn more by working extra hours.

Who will be the authority for staff on the local level?

For taking care of the managerial and financial affairs, a board of governors will be formed. The board will include the following experts:

  • Financial Experts
  • Legal Experts
  • Management Experts
  • Govt officers.
  • Civil Societ members.

Local staff will be answerable to the board and then there will be a system to check the performance of that board. The audit of hospitals will be conducted by the auditor general.

Is this act applicable to all of the hospitals?

MTI will be applied to 5 teaching hospitals initially. There will be a thorough check-and-balance on the application of this act. After examining these 5 hospitals, it will be determined whether it is ready to be applied to all of the hospitals or there are some upgrades needed.

Following is the Urdu version of these FAQs 


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