Muslims Are 1.5 Billion But Divided, We Don’t Realize Our Potential, PM Imran Khan At OIC

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has suggested in the OIC conference that Muslim countries and China should try to stop the Ukraine war by forming a bloc.

Addressing the conference of OIC foreign ministers in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the world should know that Islam is a peace loving religion. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and extremism.

The Prime Minister said that Muslims in every corner of the globe are facing the phenomenon of Islamophobia. Extremist thinking can happen to anyone but why it was linked to Islam? Innocent people were killed in a mosque in New Zealand.

He said that the world remained silent on the incidents of Islamophobia. Religion was linked with terrorism which was absolutely wrong. Islamophobia has increased since 9/11. The United Nations has declared March 15 as the International Day Against Islamophobia, which I am happy about.

The Prime Minister said that minorities in Islamic countries are equal citizens under the law and the rulers are also punishable. If I go to Europe and see, they are wonderful welfare states. It does not appear anywhere in Muslim countries. Unfortunately, Muslims themselves are not aware of the model of the state of Madinah.

Imran Khan said that the some heads of state are calling themselves moderate Muslims. When you call yourself moderate Muslim, you means there’s some extremist form of it. Islam is the same for all.

Progressive, extremism, all kinds of thoughts exist in every society, unless you realize your mistakes you can not mend them, Islam is not enlightened, extremist, modernist, or anything but there’s only one Islam, Which is the Islam of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him).

“Sexual content on mobile phones is destroying generations, it is increasing sexual crimes, it is increasing divorce rates, it is increasing the incidence of child sexual abuse, The negative impacts of the social media revolution are rapidly destroying our societies. he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we have failed the Muslims of Palestine and Kashmir, we are divided even though we have a population of 1.5 billion, despite thus huge number no one listens to our voice.

The Occupied Palestinians and Kashmiris have not been given the right to self-determination, The Kashmiris were deprived of basic rights, occupied aggressively but the Muslim world remained silent.

The Palestinians are being abused in broad daylight, but no real action is being taken for them.

Imran Khan said that the demography of Kashmir is being changed by brining in settlers, but nothing is being said about it. If we Muslim countries do not unite and take a united stand, no one will ever hear us.

The Prime Minister said that Afghanistan must be strengthened in every possible way and the Afghan people must be helped. International terrorism must be completely eradicated from Afghan soil.

Only a stable Afghan government can eradicate terrorism from Afghanistan, Afghans are a nation with pride. They are the people who do their best to protect their freedom and sovereignty. They don’t like foreign dictation.

“We will see how China, as a Muslim world bloc, can end the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but we have to be part of the peace, not the conflict,” he added.

Imran Khan, while advising Islamic countries to remain neutral, said that instead of joining some bloc and being a part of war, they should remain united and become partners in peace.

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