We can easily topple the Govt in 7 days – Mustafa Khokhar of PPP

  • Our Sit-in of six days can topple this Govt – Says Mustafa Khokhar.
  • We won’t have to do anything on the seventh day.
  • Mustafa Khokhar threatens to topple the PTI Govt.

This Govt is not standing on public support – We can topple it in 7 days – Pakistan People Party’s Mustafa Khokhar.

He accuses the PTI Govt of being “selected”. He has also stated that PTI Govt is not standing because of the public vote. Mustafa Khokhar says “This Govt is only standing on the RTS system as it was given a clean chit to take over the Govt.

Turning his statement:

After threatening the PTI Govt, Mustafa Khokhr says that although we can topple this Govt, But we won’t do it. The opposition doesn’t want to derail the system.

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Mustafa Khokhr upset on the word of corruption:

“No matter what we ask about, whether it is about the price hike, electricity or anything else, this Govt always comes up with the excuse of corruption. The govt blames everything on corruption”

He questions the policies of the Govt as he says that we are not seeing any policies and answers. We are the opposition are we are supposed to question everything.

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