NAB to investigate the rich journalists, PM Khan is backing it – Asad Kharal

After the corrupt politicians, now the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is ready to investigate the rich journalists.

Those anchors/journalists who have bought flats, those who own properties in different cities and schemes, those who own foreign properties should be investigated.

Asad Kharl talks about the rich journalists

Assets growing day by day:

He said that there are some media organizations that don’t have money to pay salaries to their workers but their owners are becoming billionaires and their assets are growing day by day.NAB should investigate their resources.

Anchors own huge properties:

Like Ahad Cheema, an anchor person owns the 32-kanal property. Also, there are so many journalists who have farmhouses and they own a huge amount of property in various schemes.

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PM Imran Khan supporting the decision:

The ruling government is hopeful for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan and is doing efforts towards the betterment of the country and making it corruption-free.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is supporting the decision taken by the NAB and urged to investigate all those journalists/anchors that have assets from different sources.

NAB has been taking steps to curb corruption and now after the politicians, it will investigate the properties of journalists and would find all the details of their assets.

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