Nabeel Gabol: Even if we’ve stolen the public money, we have spent it too

  • Nabeel Gabol, the PPP leader confesses being a part of corruption.
  • He was having a heat-up debate with PTI leader Usman Dar.
  • He accepts that we have spent the money back on the public too.


We have served the public like Robin Hood – Claims Nabeel Gabol of PPP

Nabeel Gabol accepts that we have stolen the public money. Usman Dar responds to him by saying that we are thankful to God that you have finally confessed it.

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Giving the reference of Robin Hood:

Mr. Gabol gets hyper by saying that yes I accept that we have looted the money, now listen to the rest of it.

After stealing the money from the public, we have spent it back on them in the same way.


Turning the point:

Nabeel Gabol turns the point by saying that we are not thieves, but we are like Robin Hood instead. We kept spending the money back on the public after stealing it.


Claiming the development in Sindh:

PPP leader turns the point by saying that we have developed the province of Sindh. “If you talk about corruption, come and see the development of Sindh.


Response From Usman Dar:

PTI leader Usman Dar responds to PPP leader by saying that let’s have a complete program on the projects of Sindh.

Bring the figures tomorrow and let’s have a debate on it.


The change of name on the Benazir Income Support Program:

The leader of Pakistan People’s Party has said that it was not the idea of Imran Khan to talk about the name change of the Benazir Income Support Program. It was someone from the circle of PTI leadership who suggested that.



PPP and PMLN have the same response when it comes to corruption. Today, PPP is comparing itself to Robin Hood that they have spent the money on the people after looting it.

PMLN used to say the same, “What if he steals, he spends it too”

It translates in Urdu as “Khaata Hai Tou Lagata Bhi Hai”

What do you think about this stance of PPP and PMLN on corruption? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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