Do Natural Resources Guarantee Prosperity? Let’s Take a Look

  • There are many countries in this world that contain a huge amount of natural resources.
  • Some of those countries are not as rich as they should be.
  • So in this video, we take a detailed look at that perspective.

A comparison of different societies – Natural Resources and Being Rich – Checkout The video below:

The countries with rich natural resources are mostly ruled by the corrupt. The natural resources of these countries stay useless because they’re not being put to productive use.

Some African parts for instance. They have a huge number of gold in their countries but they have been a developing country for decades and decades.

Do Natural Resources Guarantee Prosperity Let's Take a Look
Do Natural Resources Guarantee Prosperity Let’s Take a Look

The current rich countries:

There is a term in the US called the ‘American Dream’. This means if you are talented and hard-working enough, the American society and business environment will support you.

Despite your ethnicity, color, race, or religion, you will be given a chance to move forward. That’s pretty much the reason that more than 90% of the startups in Silicon Valley are by Immigrants.

This is how the Americans promote and support the talent and ultimately come up with the best products. These products form a great company that helps the economy of the country.

When you have a strong economy, that means you’re a rich country. This is how a country with lesser resources becomes richer. Countries with more natural resources tend to remain poor as they don’t pay attention to things like these:

  • Eradication of corruption
  • Improving the taxation
  • Working and Spending More on Education
  • Supporting talent and hard work.
  • Not being able to make good use of their resources.

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So what do you think about the use of natural resources in poor Vs Rich countries? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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