Nawaz Sharif used helicopters for 2,167 hours during his tenure

The helicopter usage of Nawaz Sharif

National Assembly of Pakistan was told that Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif used the helicopter for 2,167 hours.

The National Assembly (NA) was informed that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif used helicopters for 2,167 hours during his tenure. Whereas Prime Minister Imran Khan has so far used them for 33 hours only.

What else did the report say:

It was also reported that out of the total 10 helicopters of the Cabinet Division, four of them are in a condition that they cannot be serviced.

Helicopter usage by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan said that former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi used helicopters for 464 hours.

Response from Minister of Cabinet Division:

In response to a question, the Minister in charge of Cabinet Division in his written reply stated:

“2XUH-I H helicopters gifted by the US in 1947 and 2xBell – 412 helicopters, which were purchased in 1992, were unserviceable.”

The use of helicopter by Nawaz Sharif

Ali Mohammad Khan told the house that various proposals were under consideration. It is also being considered to give these helicopters to some other government organizations.

Details on the helicopters

The Cabinet Division said that 5XAW-139 were purchased in 2007 and IxAW-139 was bought in 2016.

PPP’s Shagufta Jumani challenged the reply of Cabinet Division about the use of helicopters. She said that helicopters were not being used for anti-smuggling surveillance and survey of road construction. But She says that helicopters are being used for transporting VIPs.

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To this, the minister of state said:

“The helicopters were misused in the past, but not by the PTI government.”

He said these helicopters had also been used for transportation of Siri Paaye. (A desi food that is loved by Nawaz Sharif).


The usage of the helicopter by Nawaz Sharif is one of the highest ones. We haven’t witnessed this number before in the history of prime ministers. The current Prime Minister has used it for 33 hours by now.

Let’s see how Imran Khan takes that up.

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