Naya Mazdoor – Helping the Pakistani workers in UAE and Gulf countries.

Naya Mazdoor Initiative.


  • Naya Mazdoor becomes the voice of the voiceless workers.
  • The initiative aims to help the problems of poor Pakistani workers.
  • All of the problems related to their companies and contacts will be solved.

Naya Mazdoor taking the lead in helping the poor Pakistani workers in the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf counties.



and let Naya Mazdoor know about your problem.

Take a look at this video for further details:

What kind of problems can be solved by this Naya Mazdoor initiative:

Everyone working in the middle east and UAE has some managerial issues. There are issues with the work permit, transfer of job, renewal of Iqama or any pending salaries.

All of these issues can be taken up with Naya Mazdoor and they will help the workers in getting their problem solved.

It charges no money for helping:

The initiative aims to help the poor workers without charging them with any money. They’re not only solving their existing issues but also helping them find new opportunities.

For example:

Naya Mazdoor helping the poor.
Naya Mazdoor helping the poor.

They’re not only helping the workers for free but also making it clear that anyone who asks for money, has nothing to do with Naya Mazdoor.

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Naya Mazdoor is not an initiative of Govt of Pakistan:

The administrators of this initiative have made it clear that it does not have anything to do with the Govt officials. It helps the poor workers in the middle east and the United Arab Emirates by using their own sources.

For those who can’t read and write:

The workers who can’t read or write their problems in a proper way, they can simply send a voice message at the official page of the initiative. The official page can be accessed by


The initiative is first of its kind and indeed a great step towards helping the poor Pakistani workers who face major problems. At least, now they won’t have to worry about their administrative issues and they’ll focus on their work.

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