Naya Pakistan – Construction of 2.5 Million houses to be started within 2 months.

The vision of Naya Pakistan by prime minister Imran Khan – 2.5 Million houses will be built under Insaf Home Scheme.

The construction of homes at a large scale was first mentioned by the prime minister Imran Khan during his speech at Minar Pakistan Jalsa on April 29th 2018. He pledged to construct 5 million homes as the PTI Govt takes control.
Now the prime minister Imran Khan has approved the construction of 2.5 Million homes for Punjab only. Rest of 2.5 million homes will be constructed in other parts of the country.

Special teams have been sent to Honk Kong and Thailand to meet their Govt officials. The teams will be briefed about the planning and construction of homes on such a large scale.

PTI Govt will consider the private sector as well.

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