Naya Pakistan Housing – Chinese Company offers to build 2 million homes

A Chinese Construction Company has offered to build 2 million homes under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Chinese Companies offer to construct 2 million homes under Naya Pakistan Housing.

Naya Pakistan Housing is a flagship project of PTI-Led Govt. Even before coming into power, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced it during his Jalsa at Minar E Pakistan 

Brief into of the project:

He had announced to construct 5 million homes nationwide. According to Imran Khan, the primary objective is to provide affordable housing.

The construction of such a  large scale level can boost up the whole economy. He says that about 50 other fields are connected to construction. When there will be a construction of 5 million homes, the country’s economic activities will increase.

Chinese Companies showing interest:

China has been playing a lead role in the economic revival of Pakistan. An old friend of Pakistan and an economic partner.

Different construction companies of China and UAE have shown their interest to construct the houses in the mega project of Naya Pakistan Housing. A Chinese Company has sent a formal offer to the Govt of Pakistan.

In which they have offered to construct 2 million homes. 

The practical measures:

Different delegations from China and UAE have already met the Pakistani officials. Not only their governments but their private sector is also interested to come to Pakistan.

Check this too: Plot owners to get government help under the housing scheme of Government. 

All of these interested countries and companies are now just waiting for a blueprint of the project. As soon as the PTI Govt presents a detailed plan for Naya Pakistan Housing, the companies are ready to come to Pakistan.


The project is going to be massive so all of these companies are eyeing at it. It will be beneficial for Pakistan in many ways like foreign direct investment coming to Pakistan.

The standard of living in Pakistan will be increased when people have better purchasing power. The foreign investment will bring a number of opportunities with it.

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