Nazish Jahangir Speaks Out About Her Affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider

  • Most of the women chose to stay quiet about any violence and harassment against them, but now, they have decided to come out in open and talk about their stories.
  • Fatima Sohail recently accused her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider of physically assaulting her and having extramarital affair with an artist named Nazish Jahangir.
  • Mohsin’s girlfriend was quite disturbed at the absurd claims and stated if Fatima had any proofs of such an affair she would’ve come out and published it.
Nazish Jahangir Speaks Out About Her Affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider
Nazish Jahangir Speaks Out About Her Affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider

The social media has become a platform for sharing about happenings in your life. It is also a source of raising voice against the wrongdoing and wrongdoer.

Social media has become a source of exposing ugly truth beneath the glamorous images which celebrities adopted for themselves.

Mohsin Abbas Haider, one of the most popular singers and actors of current times gets into trouble as his wife revealed shocking domestic violence allegations.

Fatima Sohail, Mohsin’s wife, took to her Facebook account and posted how she had recently caught her husband cheating on her with artist Nazish Jahangir.

Fatima accused Mohsin of domestic violence. She claimed that she was beaten during pregnancy and mentioned that Mohsin’s posts about depression were nothing but only public attention. She also shared pictures of her bruises as proof of physical abuse.

This is How Nazish Jahangir Responded to Alleged Affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider:

Talking about Mohsin’s alleged affair, Fatima has revealed that the Mohsin was sleeping with his girlfriend when she was suffering from complications while giving birth to his son. Fatima has a publicized husband’s girlfriend by the name of Nazish Jahangir, who is an actor and a model.

Nazish released a statement on Instagram to talk about the accusations, she wrote:

She said only Mohsin Abbas Haider himself can explain why her name was dragged in the matter without any valid evidence that ruined her image in front of all the media.

Nazish said the matter is really shocking for her and also a very shameful act. ‘I would like to say that only Fatima didn’t suffer from all of this but victimized me as well just for the sake of personal grudges,’ she wrote.

In another post-Nazish said that Fatima used to talk to me herself and even used to discuss her personal life regarding her marriage.

Here is what she wrote:


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During a recent interview, Fatima Sohailwas asked about the first time Mohsin raised his hand on her. To which, she said, “He used to hit me four-five days after our marriage ceremony and used to say it’s his nature”

She was asked why she didn’t reveal this abusive nature of Mohsin earlier, Fatema said, “I tried to avoid telling my family because then they would say this marriage was solely my decision and I would get blamed.”

She said she didn’t want a divorce because she wanted to save this marriage nor did she want to be labeled a divorcee in the society we live in.

Fatima said she did not know that Mohsin’s anger would reach such a level that he ends up strangling and beating her.

She also revealed that when Nazish had switched off her phone and vanished, that’s when Mohsinposted depressing status on Facebook. She said Mohsin has already ruined his family because of Nazish.

Mohsin’s family has hardly done anything to sort out misunderstandings between Fatima and Mohsin.

Fatima didn’t file a report the first time she was beaten up because she thought Mohsin will change their baby’s birth. But now she has filed an FIR due to which the matter will be forwarded to court.

The alleged affair between Nazish and Mohsin is not a complete surprise for their fans. A Twitter user has posted screenshots revealing that Nazish has publicly had a crush on Mohsin for a while and posted about the actor several times on her social media.

On the other hand, NazishJahangir had also congratulated Mohsin for the release of his song ‘Na Jaa’

Everyone involved in the matter other than Mohsin’s wife has spoken out since her Facebook post. Many of the posts alleged to be proof of Nazish and Mohsin’saffair are still up on her Instagram page, which is now receiving negative comments since the news has broken out.

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