Fair Elections, Neutral Umpire and Imran Khan [TrendsPak Blog]

Fair Elections, Neutral Umpire and Imran Khan
Fair Elections, Neutral Umpire and Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan mentioned in his speech at Hafizabad today that his Govt is working on electoral reforms to make sure that at terms end, the country gets a free and fair elections. He also mentioned how neutral umpires in cricket were brought by him.


Well it’s true that whenever cricket history will be written, neutral umpires idea being Khan’s brainchild will always be mentioned. In 80’s a time had come that the moment players would go into the ground, the fans will start speculating about the fairness of game due to home umpires:


Biased umpiring was certainly on display sometimes taking it’s toll over the spirit of cricket and draining cricket of its charm. But the rescuer then was none else than Imran Khan.

Pent up by the injustice and biased umpiring, Indian Instead of Pakistani umpires were appointed for umpiring Pak-West Indies Series of 1986 in Lahore. A lot of backlash was hurled but instead of backing off the then all rounder Mr. Imran Khan in a surprise move invited John Hampshire and John Holder for the home series against India in 1989-90.

The decision was very unpopular among cricketers, cricketing bodies and public, but he persisted and kept trying. The foundation had already been laid and forced ICC to follow the fair track.

The decision to introduce neutral empire’s was duly made in 1992 when ICC appointed one neutral umpire in Test matches on trial basis. Fairness is unpopular but its power cannot be denied.

ICC had realized that neutral umpiring was the only resort that could keep cricket’s charm. The course of time prefected the things and in 2002 two neutral umpires stood in West Indies tour to India.


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