No more coverage of the girls’ sports events in KPK

No more coverage of the girls’ sports events in KPK – KPK Update

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has directed a complete ban on the male entry in all-girls schools across the province.

The Chief Minister has directed his advisor on education Ziaullah Bangash to ensure an exemplary educational environment in the girls’ schools throughout the province.

KP’s department of elementary and secondary education banned all male chief guests as well as media coverage at all events participated by girls in the province.

The Chief Minister said:

“There will neither be male chief guests nor media coverage at all the events participated by girls.”

The government also imposed a ban on male chief guests at functions being held at female educational institutes. Only females will be invited to attend the events as chief guests in the future.

Statement by Education Minister KP:

“At all-girls event, there will only be female parliamentarians or the female officers who will be called as chief guests,”

KP Education Minister ZiaullahBangash said.

Bangash said that different events organized at educational institutions for girls were being shared on social media.

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The reason behind this decision:

Officials said that different female was being uploaded to social media. Later some pictures were reported after having been uploaded without the consent of the concerned individuals.

“This happened recently when some photos were shared on social media without the consent of those having been photographed,”

a senior government official told.

No more coverage of the girls’ sports events in KPK – KPK Update


The official said that the issue was reported on the local level but was later brought into the notice of concerned officials.

“We have ordered all the elementary and secondary schools, district education officers and relevant officers to impose the ban after we received complaints from parents,”

the Minister said in a statement.

The Chief Minister said that the education department should also discourage the publicity of such social and annual functions of girls’ schools.

“Inviting males at these events is against the norms of the culture of the province,”

the Minister said.

He said that the girls should be given education in true spirit making them aware of the school, culture and Islamic values throughout the province.

The advisor expressed his commitment to ensuring strict implementation of the Chief Minister’s directives for the education throughout the province.

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