‘No Need To Be My Coach’ When Sarfraz Ahmed Rebuked His Wife

KARACHI: A video of former national cricket team captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s interview with his wife Khushbakht is going viral on social media.

Sarfraz Ahmed recently attended Nada Yasir’s Morning Show with his wife Syeda Khoshbakht and son Abdullah where he shared a very interesting incident with Nada Yasir when he scolded his wife very badly at that time. That was when Khushbakht advised him to focus on cricket.

When asked by the host, Khushbakht said, “We both don’t talk about cricket because neither he (Sarfraz) nor I like to talk about cricket.”

On this occasion, Sarfraz narrated an interesting story of the past, said, “This was in the beginning, when we both were engaged, I went to South Africa. It was my first visit. It was a bouncy wicket and the South African team was at its very best.

Sarfraz said I went there to bat but I did not score runs and did not perform because of which I was out of the team so my wife told me to focus on batting.

I told Khushbakht, “Today you have said it, never say it again, I will continue my work in the future, there is no need to become my coach, I have coaches.”

“After that day we never talked about cricket with each other. Nada Yasir started laughing at Sarfraz’s interesting story.

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