Orange Train to eat more money – Details of the total amount required for completion


  • Expenses of the Orange Line Metro Train massively increased
  • 8billion required for the main project of orange line train
  • Billions will be spent on the project in the coming year

RS 8billion more required for Orange Line Metro Train Project. The cost of the Orange Line Metro Train has been increased after the budget.

Cost for the route:

RS.1.95billion will be required for the route of Orange Line Metro Train.

The cost required for the constructors:

RS.37million required for the constructors of Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Cost for Allied work and Support services:

Furthermore, in the coming year, RS.54billion will be spent on allied work and support services of Orange Line Metro Train.

Cost for the construction of Depot and Yard:

The transport authority told that RS.29billion and RS.37billion is required for the construction of depot and yard respectively.

Hearing of a case regarding a delay in completion of the Project:

On April 16, the Supreme Court (SC) Justice Azmat Saeed, while hearing a case regarding a delay in completion of the project, had warned that this matter should be raised to the NAB because the company failed to fulfill its deadline.

A special audit report of the Orange Line Metro Train project has been also submitted to the federal government.

The report has revealed loss to the national exchequer and alleged irregularities worth billions of rupees.

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Orange Line Metro Train has made a loss of billions of rupees. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) also started the investigation and the LDA has submitted the record to NAB. The irregularities of the Orange Line Train are being invested in the light of the records received by the investigative team.

For the construction of Orange Line Metro Train Project, billions were spent in the previous year and now it is all set to eat more money.

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