Pakistan Dispatches Humanitarian Assitance For Afghanistan


Pakistan Dispatches Humanitarian Assitance For Afghanistan
Humanitarian Assitance For Afghanistan
  • The Government of Pakistan has decided to dispatch humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan 
  • Three C0130 Aircraft have been dispatched to Afghanistan.
  • After this initial aid, further assistance will continue through land routes. 


Pakistan steps forward to help Afghan brethren yet again.

Pakistan assits Afghanistan
Pakistan assists Afghanistan

The govt of Pakistan has expressed the will to do its best to help the Afghan brothers during their challenging times. As Pakistan has always stood by its Afghan brethren by housing more than 3 million refugees (one of the largest number of refugees in the world), it continues to provide them with further assistance. (Source Here)

Pakistan's assitance to Afghanistan yet again.
Pakistan’s assistance to Afghanistan yet again.


While sending assistance to Afghanistan, Pakistan has also urged the international community to play its role in helping the people of Afghanistan. 

“The international community must put the Afghan people first. We have to take care that in denying Afghanistan access to its foreign reserves or international financial institutions, we do not end up adding to the miseries of the long-suffering Afghan people” Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Pakistan. 

Pakistan’s Key Role in the current situation:

Pakistan has always been a helping hand for Afghanistan as it is already housing more than 3 million refugees from the country. Now when the US forces decided to leave Afghanistan, there was no planning for the people of Afghanistan as to how they will be taken care of. Pakistan yet again comes forward and becomes a helping hand as it decides to start sending humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan. 

It is important to note that Pakistan has always been voicing a peaceful solution for the Afghan conflict. Pakistan’s opinion has been proven right yet again as all of the invading forces have left the country. 

As the process of the formation of a new government begins in Afghanistan, Pakistan is standing with peace as always. 

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