Pakistan Post doubles its revenue in last 4 months – Report

  • The revenue of Pakistan post last year was 8 billion Rupees at the same time.
  • The revenue till April 2019 was 14 Billion Rupees
  • Murad Saeed takes the lead in the team of ministers.

Pakistan Post earns 14 billion rupees this year as it doubles the revenue:


Murad Saeed was initially made a minister of state. He performed so well that the prime minister Imran Khan promoted him to a full minister.

The initiatives by the institution.


Murad Saeed aims to revolutionize the logistics of Pakistan Post. The delivery system has been majorly upgraded over the course of 8 months. The deliveries have been faster and cheaper than the private companies.

Not only the local deliveries but Pakistan Post has been successfully delivering worldwide. A new app was introduced for Pakistan post where the shipment could be easily tracked.

Pak Post as a profitable institution:


The minister of Pakistan Postal services and communications, Murad Saeed aims to make Pakistan Post a profitable institution.

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He has been working on the following: 

  • Upgrading the existing infrastructure
  • Making the full use of the sources available.
  • Crackdown against corruption to overcome the losses.
  • Using technology to speed up the delivery process.
  • Cutting down on expenses

The future

Murad Saeed wants to make the logistics service of Pakistan Post to be better than any other private company of Pakistan. He has been working on making it faster, effective and cheaper.

It will create an environment of competition when private companies see such a major competitor.

In the end, the user will be benefited as the overall logistic services of the country will be improved.

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