Pakistan Railways to launch new cargo train with private sector partnership

Pakistan Railways to launch new cargo train with private sector partnership

In collaboration with the private sector, Pakistan Railways is set to launch a new cargo train service on the Karachi-Lahore route next week.


  • The major objective of this cargo train is to boost economic activities.
  • Each train will be able to carry 75 to 80 containers
  • It will reduce the freight charges
  • It will be a 5-year contract with the private partners.

As per reports from Marine Group of Companies Managing Director Aasim a Siddiqui, cargo train will improve supply chain management in cross-border trade, cut freight cost and transportation time significantly.

He said,

“We are ready to set to initially operate five cargo trains a week from December 25. This will be the first scheduled cargo train service in Pakistan.”

Because of its punctuality, accuracy and pre-defined timings for departure and arrival, the new service would be definitely successful, he added.

Total capacity:

Each cargo train will have a capacity of carrying 75-80 containers of 20 feet each. It will generate revenue of around Rs2.4 million.

Reduction of freight charges:

By this new train service, freight charges will be reduced by 15-20% per container. It will also reduce transportation time to around two days.

The reduced transportation time will address growing cargo congestion at seaports, ease traffic on roads, cut the cost of road maintenance and control pollution.

A number of Cargo trains:

Presently, the number of cargo trains is 5 but at the end of next month (January 25), the number of cargo trains will be doubled to 10. Later, a maximum of 20 trains will be run in March.

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The Routes:

The train will run between Karachi (Karachi Port and Port Qasim) and Lahore (Prem Nagar Dry Port). Later, it would also make a stopover at dry ports in Multan, Faisalabad, and Sialkot.

Inauguration of first ever Cargo Train:

Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, will inaugurate the new service at Cantt Station, Karachi.

The service is being started with the help of surplus engines and wagons. It will help cut losses of Pakistan Railways as well.


The new train service will generate billions of rupees in annual revenues for the state-owned Pakistan Railways. Besides, the service will also ensure better supply chain management in cross-border trade.

This was a five-year contract and through a tender floated under PPRA rules, it has been completed by Marine Group of Companies.

In the past 3-4 months, the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has done a lot of remarkable efforts for the betterment of Pakistan Railways.

Twenty new trains will be run next year and also, the number of freight trains will be increased by the end of next year.

Pakistan Railways to launch new cargo train with private sector partnership

A summary of the achievements of Pakistan Railways:

Pakistan Railways Performance

A detailed look at the achievements:

In the first four months of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government, Pakistan Railways has earned an extra Rs.1.5 billion in profit.

In past years, Pakistan Railways had a debt of Rs37 billion, Railways Minister, Sheikh Rasheed, confidently promised that the government will reduce this debt and provide better facilities to the passengers.

Posts for skilled youth in Pakistan Railways:

Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking various steps to uplift the poor people. The government is committed to serving the people. Next year, 10,000 new posts will be created for skilled youth in Pakistan Railways.

The launch of new trains:

As part of PTI’s 100-day agenda, the government launched four new trains to provide affordable and efficient transportation services to the people.

These new trains include:

  • Sindh Express
  • Shah Abdul LatifBhittai Express
  • Faisalabad Express
  • Rehman Baba Express

The tracking system in trains:

As per PTI’s vision, Pakistan Railways has also launched Wi-Fi and tracking system in trains to provide better facilities to the passengers.

The Railways Minister is very much concerned about providing these facilities to the passengers. All passenger trains will soon have the facility of Wi-Fi and tracking system.

Additional revenue of Rs1 billion:

Additional revenue of Rs1 billion in the first 50 days of the present government, has been generated by Pakistan Railways.

Pakistan Railways is finally on right track – Here is the proof:

“During August 2017 to October 2017, Pakistan Railways had earned Rs5.7 billion whereas, from August 2018 to October 2018, Pakistan Railways earned Rs6.7 billion.”

Karachi Circular Railways:

Another great achievement by PTI led government is the launch of Dhabeji Express that started in the port city after almost 11 years. The Railways Minister called it A gift to the people of Pakistan from Prime Minister.

Final thoughts:

All these achievements are due to the concentrated efforts by Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. He has assured that the government is introducing revolutionary reforms in every sector.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also applauded his untiring efforts towards the betterment of Pakistan Railways.

In the next five years, Pakistan Railways is going to upgrade its track from Karachi to Peshawar via Lahore. This will attract billions of dollars in investment for its 100-year-old infrastructure.


Source: Express Tribune

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