Pakistan is the victim & had nothing to do with 9/11-Dr. Moeed’s Interview

  • Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousuf had a discussion with International Media
  • He clearly stated that Pakistan wants to be treated like an ally, not a scapegoat. 
  • You can read the original article by Rogin here. 
Pakistan is the victim & had nothing to do with 9 11
Pakistan is the victim & had nothing to do with 9 11

Let’s take a look at what Dr. Moeed has discussed in the interview:

“Right now, in the situation, we are in, how are U.S. and Pakistan’s interests not aligned? I’m not asking for any sympathy for Pakistan. I’m thinking in terms of pure U.S. selfish national interests. How does it help to push away a country of this size, stature, and power?”. Says Dr. Moeed while talking to Josh Rogin. 

Talking about 9/11, he stated:

“Pakistan is the victim. We had nothing to do with 9/11. … We teamed up with the U.S. to fight back … and after that, there is a major backlash on Pakistan. But let’s let all that pass. We need to work out how to move forward as partners because neither side can do without the other in terms of stability in the region.”

Commenting on the fall of Kabul:

“Did Pakistan tell the Afghan National Army not to fight? Did Pakistan tell Ashraf Ghani to run away? The entire state collapsed in a week. So somebody was lying, somebody was misreporting, or somebody was mistaken about the reality and when it came to informing the taxpayers of the Western world.”

“Now that the Taliban has the whole country, they don’t really need Islamabad as much anymore, Assistance and recognition is the leverage. Who has that? It’s the Western countries that have much more leverage in Afghanistan than Pakistan.”

“If a security vacuum is left in Afghanistan by abandoning it, you will see that these terrorist organizations take root again. Let’s not kid ourselves,”

In this interview, Pakistan has made it clear that it connot be held responsible for the blunders committed by someone else. Here is a video where he has clarified Pakistan’s stance:


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