Following British Airways; Pakistani Aviation plans to attract more airlines

Following British Airways; Pakistani Aviation plans to attract more airlines

Federal Minister for Privatization and Aviation directed management of CAA to establish an advance mechanism and resolve issues immediately.

  • More Airlines to be launched soon.
  • New aircraft to be introduced by PIA.
  • Passenger’s comfort to be prioritized.

During his visit to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority headquarters Karachi, the Minister asked the management to create an ideal regulatory environment.

He said that this will attract more attract more airlines to start their operations in Pakistan. He also directed to focus on the problems regarding the services.

Details on different functions of the CAA:

The Director-General of CAA, Hassan Baig has given a detailed presentation to the Minister about different functions of the CAA including:

  • Air navigation
  • Airport services
  • Regulations
  • Human resource management and finance

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Minister’s visit:

After taking over the portfolio of aviation, this visit is the minister’s first visit to Karachi.

The Minister told that the government is committed to adopting austerity by avoiding unnecessary expenditures for saving the state money.

He urged the management to improve facilities for the passengers at the airports and address the public complaints without any delay.

“If we really want to grow aviation business in the country, our first priority should be passengers; comfort and convenience,” he added.

Airlines to be launched soon:

Soon, Pakistan will launch five new airlines:

  • Afeef Zara Airways
  • Askari Air
  • Air Sial
  • Go Green
  • Liberty Air
Following British Airways; Pakistani Aviation plans to attract more airlines

PIA launched direct flights from Lahore to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok:

Recently, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has launched direct flights from Lahore to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. After a gap of two years, the direct link between Lahore and Kuala Lumpur has been resumed.

President of PIA and CEO Air Marshal, Arshad Malik, said that PIA will provide direct travel access to passengers.

He said that PIA will restart flights on those routes which are profitable for the national carrier.

“PIA is planning to add new profitable destinations following the addition of new airplanes to its fleet,” he added.

Induction of new aircraft by PIA:

Earlier, PIA has also announced the induction of four new aircraft that would fly on Sialkot-Barcelona and Lahore-Bangkok routes.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has predicted that air traffic in Pakistan will grow in double digits.

However, the domestic traffic has risen only 3%. This indicates that domestic carriers are suffering in Pakistan at about $1,600.

Also, the Middle Eastern airlines like Emirates and Etihad have given a tough time to Pakistan’s carriers.

Further, the Turkish Airlines and Saudi airlines are also working in Pakistan and making the competition tougher for the domestic airlines.

Launching new airlines will be beneficial for the domestic carriers and would increase the domestic air traffic in the coming years.


Source: Express Tribune

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