Pakistani DTH coming in November – Indian DTH to be banned by PEMRA

  • Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority will impose a ban on India DTH
  • The Pakistani version of DTH will be launched in November 2019.
  • The business community will gain more profits with this action.

PEMRA has finally decided and issued orders to put a ban on Indian DTH as Pakistani DTH is on its way.

Check this too: Pakistan will be a failed state by 2015 – Times of India claims in 2005. 

Karachi Electronic Dealers Association burned down the Indian DTH hardware. They have affirmed their aims that they will not sell the Indian DTH.

They are up for adopting the Pakistani version of DTH which will be coming out this November.

Quote from  Saleem Baig:

Chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig has stated that the traders are on board with the decision of PEMRA.

They’ve decided to wipe out the Indian DTH from the country. The Pakistani version of DTH will be beneficial for the business community as well.

We will fully support the distribution and selling of the Pakistani DTH.

Legalizing the DTH:

The Chairman also states that Pakistani DTH will be totally legal and the business community will be able to make money via legal channels.

How did it begin?

First thing first, the selling of Indian DTH was illegal and it was being done on a large scale. Due to the illegal selling, there was no record and taxation of the selling.

Secondly, It might be an answer from Pakistan to India as they blocked the Pakistani content in their country.

Indian Ban on Pakistani content:

Pakistan decided to ban the Indian content recently but India has done it a long ago. No Pakistani news, entertainment of sports channel was on air in India.

They have even blocked the apps which live-streamed the PSL matches.

Pakistan comes up with a response by banning Indian content in Cinema and on TV. Now it has been decided to put a ban on the Indian DTH as well.


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