Pakistani Trends; Stupidity can get you fame, Try Social Media

Talking about Pakistani Trends, We’re going to discuss how stupidity is making people famous in Pakistan.

Social Media Making the stupid famous.
Reckon about the biggest change in 21st century, some would say its 9/11 but in my opinion it’s the boom in social media. It has actually changed the life patterns around the globe. People have different view of seeing things from political debates to relationships, social gatherings to the ‘Tone’ Humor. Everything’s perspective has been changed.
In the beginning it was a ‘Cool’ thing to be on. It was a nice way to connect with your friends, colleagues or acquaintances that you don’t see more often. People used to connect with each other, share some post, song, joke, share a laugh or two and then get back to their “normal” lives.
Now, offline life doesn’t really go “whole” until one’s online life is cool enough. Now it is shaping our life patterns, our likes, dislikes, priorities and even controlling what should we See, or Think about. It has strangely penetrated this craze of being ‘Famous’ into society.

This further stretched when people from different backgrounds without an ounce of talent or creativity but with full of greed to be famous started making their Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles. Mostly, these profiles/accounts have this huge following of people who either mock them or show their desperation (in case of account being associated to a female celebrity like Kardishians or locally it was Qandeel Baloch).
They would share the videos and content that would grab millions of views and be shared all over the world. But along with many other drawbacks of this overnight fame there’s one particular thing that is actually disappointing.
These people are famous because society has made them so. Social media is the medium that does not have any monitoring authority, all accounts are created free of cost, all you need is an internet connection and in case of these Fake Celebrities little less brains.

I doubt anyone has ever looked at who these people are and what exactly the talent they are getting famous for. Back in the Golden Age, aspiring stars needed talent. They needed to be able to sing, dance and act, and all with outstanding charisma and poise.
Our rocking music stars or entertainment celebrities made it to this far just on the basis of their talent. Likes of Moin Akhtar, Bushra Ansari and even in music industry almost all the shining stars had something to offer as an Artist.
Nowadays, I can’t go on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site without seeing someone, whether it’s Nasir Khan Jan with his ridiculous and senseless videos or some vine artist with fifteen seconds of fame, blowing up the Internet because of something stupid they did. By sharing, tagging friends or retweeting this “news,” we’re teaching others that it’s okay to have terrible judgment, terrible sense of humor or writing something controversial because you might just get noticed because of it.
And by the way, being famous on Pakistani social media is rather easy. All you need is to have a twitter account, few hundreds of followers and horrible kiddish sense of humor.
Your tweets’ screenshot will get posted on famous Facebook pages and Ta-Daaaa, You are a Rock Star.
The fundamental difference between the career performer versus someone who bought their way in, or was just shared into stardom, is that they have put time and effort devoting their lives to their talent or craft and are passionate about creating something great. That sense of pride and appreciation is non-existent with the purchased or instant fame because it has all been given to them on a silver platter.
The saddest thing about this whole issue is that there are so many people in this world who have incredible talent and skill, who are unknown and who probably contribute more to society than the typical one-hit wonder. These are the ones who actually deserve the attention.
True talent and performing ability has the potential to move and inspire people to do great things, be it for the world or on a personal level. But before that type of content can be seen, one must sift through all of the trash in the form of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Ridulcouls Twitter celeberities, Nasir KhanJan, Sham Idrees, Zaid Khan and “Damn Daniel!”
It amazes me that these shows and personalities are even famous because they contribute nothing good to the world. Often the consumers are teens or people who have equally pathetic sense of humor. Is this truly the way we want our youth to act? Do we want a bunch of disrespectful, entitled, rude and trashy people in our future? It will end up that way unless collectively we stop making stupid people famous.
Social Media celebrities
Some people might just scroll through their social media accounts and not take the time to notice the utter stupidity on their timelines, or maybe they just don’t care, but I think it’s something that needs to be addressed. These people in no way deserve any of their support or fame because they decided to pull a desperate publicity stunt. We should be promoting more of the good in the world than the things that can get a cheap laugh.

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