Here is how Pakistanis are predicting the year under #PakistanIn2019

Pakistanis have been predicting the future under the hashtag #PakistanIn2019

Pakistanis predicting 2019

Some of them are predicting it in a light way and many of them are expressing it in a serious way.

Let’s take a look at how Pakistanis are talking about 

The top ones:

Talking about peace:


Wishing for a corruption-free Pakistan:



Rule of Law


Praising the change:


An important suggestion for the government:


Pakistanis talking about Kashmir:


Hoping for national unity:


Trusting each other as Pakistanis:


A cricket loving country, how can we forget to mention it:


And here we have someone wishing to get married in 2019:


Mental Health: An important topic


Last but not least, Message from the German Ambassador.


In a surprising turn of events, Pakistan has been included in Forbes magazine and ranked among ‘10 coolest places to go to in 2019.’

First time in the history of Pakistan, the government of  Pakistan will launch the biggest operation against money launderers and we will have a corruption-free Pakistan in the coming years.

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Final Thoughts:

Let’s dedicate this year to Pakistan and work for the growth and development of our country and make Pakistan safe from corruption and especially from the attacks of terrorists.

We hope that this year brings a whole new side of Pakistan. We want to see Pakistan as the actual ‘Naya Pakistan’ in 2019.

According to Prime Minister, 2019 is the beginning of Pakistan’s ‘golden era’.

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