Panah Gah Shelters helping labourers to save money for families

  • Number of Panah gah Shelters have opened and are helping labourers to save money.
  • Stories from some labourers about how shelters are helpful for them
  • Islamabad is the only city having fully functional shelters in buildings
  • Number of charpoys in shelters will be increased soon
Panah Gah Shelters helping labourers to save money for families

Punjab government established Panah Gah Shelters in the every district of the province for the homeless and needy people.

It is a prime agenda of Punjab government that necessary steps should be taken for the betterment of the masses. There are a number of Panah Gah Shelters that have opened across the country, but most are run in tents.

Islamabad is the only city which has fully functional shelters in buildings, with staff deputed there as well.

These Panah Gah Shelters are now helping labourers to save money and also providing residence for many homeless people.

Here we have stories from some laborers who are saving their money through Panah Gah Shelters and are being provided with facilities.

A story from Rawalpindi:

52 years old Munir Ahmed has been living in Rawalpindi where he works as a hawker at the Pirwadhai Bus Stand, for years.

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Another story from Peshawar:

Mr. Ahmed belongs to Peshawar, he said that he earns around Rs1000 a day, calling out to passengers and trying to persuade them to get the bus to Peshawar.

Sometimes he doesn’t get any work due to the lack of buses, transporters’ strikes or a protest in the city.

While talking to media, he said:

“I used to spend Rs200 per day on food and at night I used to get a charpoy at the bus stand for Rs60. But since the Panah Gah Shelter opened in I-11 last month, I get a charpoy there free of cost.”

Furthermore, Mr. Ahmed is given breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the shelter home. He is now able to save around Rs300 every day, and send more money back to his family every month.

Story from a senior citizen:

A 65-year-old man, Umer Daraz has a handcart on which he carries people’s goods. When asked he said:

“I have been working as a labor despite becoming a senior citizen. It is good that Panah Gah Shelters have been established, but I suggest the government also introduce some honorarium for the elderly.”

Story from Abbottabad:

Mohammad Kamran, 35, has been staying at the shelter. He is from Abbottabad and works as a laborer. Through free meals and accommodation at the shelter, he is able to save some money.

Panah Gah Shelters helping labourers to save money for families

Story from Mianwali:

56 years old Ghulam Naseem Khan belongs to a village near Mianwali. He has been staying at the shelter as well. On asking, he told that he was forcefully retired from the army in 1993 because a gun was recovered from his possession.

Later the inquiry proved he had a license for the pistol, based on which it was decided that he would receive two-thirds of his pension.

“No one has listened to my problem and I am staying in Rawalpindi so that one day I might get someone in (General Headquarters) who would listen to my problem,” Mr. Khan told.

Government to increase accommodation in few weeks:

A senior district administration official, who asked not to be named, told that it has been decided to increase the number of charpoys to 400 and arrange food for 1,000 people.

He said that the dining hall will be moved to the basement, and another floor will be added to provide accommodation to up to 1,000 people in a few weeks.


Source: Dawn

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