Shelter for homeless – Permanent Panah Gah in Lahore is all set to be inaugurated.

  • Panah Gah as known as Shelter Home being set up in Lahore
  • Permanent Panah Gah has been constructed and soon to be inaugurated.
  • People can stay for the night and have the facilities of food, shelter and medical treatment.

Permanent Panah Gah is ready to be opened near Daata Darbar Lahore.


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The Panah Gah will have the facilities of shelter, food, and medications. People who used to sleep on the streets, can now come and sleep in the Panah Gah.

Brief History:

The project was announced by the prime minister Imran Khan in last winters when a photo of man went viral. A photo where a man was sleeping on the footpath with his kids in extreme weather.

The man was then taken care of and brought to a shelter. The temporary shelters were set up and the construction of a permanent shelter was started.

This video shows that permanently built shelter homes.

Public Opinion:

The people staying in these shelters are pretty happy and satisfied. They come from different parts of the country and stay there.

They are satisfied with the food quality as the management also eats with them.

The statement of assistant commission Lahore.

The AC Lahore Ahmed Raza Butt has explained about the functionality of the project and says we monitor it 24/7. He says we eat with the common people every day so they can feel special.

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