After RIP Photoshop, Here is a bit of Wow Photoshop.


After RIP Photoshop, Here is a bit of Wow Photoshop.

We have already seen lots of articles, blogs and memes on “RIP” Photoshop. So thought about giving you some glimpses of “Wow Photoshop”. Photoshop beginners have messed up with their photos in such a way that they have provided a hell loads of content for “RIP Photoshop” . But there are fewer people talking about how powerful Photoshop actually is.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular programs out there. Its the backbone of marketing and advertisement. All of the posters you see in your daily life, all of the billboards you see on the roads, they are all made up in Photoshop. Even videos can also be edited in it. Front end designs of websites are also developed in Photoshop.

We will try to show you some examples of how powerful Photoshop can be if properly used.

Photo Manipulation at its best

Photo Manipulation
Photo Manipulation at its best.

Here is an example of perfect use of Photoshop. He manipulates two photos and combines them in a creative way.

Making one scene with 5 photos

Another Photo manipulation in Photoshop

Here is another example of how powerful Photoshop can be. The editor has combined 5 photos and made it look like an amazing movie poster.

Editing it like a pro

Editing like a pro

This photo might not be as great as the first two photos but the editor has put a great effort in this as well.

Lets have a battle

Another impressive work

Photoshop proving its power once again. The girl was posing like dancing but converted into a fight with a lion.

Using Photoshop like you’re the creator of it.

Using Photoshop like you’ve created it.

This image looks more like an art . All of the photos that you have seen above, are like photo-manipulations but this one truly looks like an art.

Making a professional poster

Making it look professional

This is how you make a professional poster out of random photos.

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