PIA Crew has been directed to lose weight or stay out of plane


  • PIA directed its employees to lose some ponds till 1st
  • Directions from Flag Carrier are included.
  • The circular having schedule for weight loss.
  • A report to grooming cell will be included.
  • Cabin Crew members are not satisfied with the decision.
PIA Crew has been directed to lose weight or stay out of plane

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has started their new year by directing the crew to lose weight or stay out of the plane.

At the start of the year, many people set a goal to lose some pounds but having this kind of goal set by an employer seems a little over the line.

Directions by the Flag Carrier:

The flag carrier has directed its overweight crew to lose their weight by 1st February. Otherwise, they will be grounded.

A circular for this ultimatum:

PIA has released a circular on this ultimatum. A plan is given to the crew to reduce their weight. The plan provides details on shedding five pounds every month to lose 30 pounds by July.

Also, the circular suggests that the airline has done this before too, the crew was told on May 10th, 2016, to lose weight.

Crew to lose five pounds till February:

By 1st February, the crew will have to lose five pounds. Same goes for the next months, till July 1st, when the crew is expected to achieve the target of zero pounds excess weight.

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For those having 30 pounds excess weight:

Crew persons having 30 pounds excess weight after January 31st, will be grounded and will be medically assessed until their weight is reduced up to the desired standard.

Weight check of the crew will be carried out at their base stations respectively and comprehensive date will be maintained for the perusal of management.

PIA Crew has been directed to lose weight or stay out of plane

A report to Grooming Cell:

The Cabin Crew is already on weight check and is required to report Grooming Cell at15th of each month for clearance of International/Domestic flights in their next roster.

Less weight, more loss – Strange

PIA is facing the loss of billions and has many pilots without the certified degree. Also, the Finance Minister recently called the airline as ‘Black Hole’.

It is strange that instead of working towards improvements, the airline decided to lose the weight of its crew.

See the Cabin Crew members are not happy with the orders:

The cabin crew members expressed frustration at the new directive. They said that they will challenge this matter in the Supreme Court if the airline refuses to retract the policy.

What are your thoughts? Is it a good step for the crew members or shouldn’t be bothered? Tell us in the comments.

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