Newly Launched Google Pixel 4 Vs Rest of the flagships

Pixel 4 Vs Other flagships
Pixel 4 Vs Other flagships
  • If you have been following along with the numerous leaks, you might already have a good idea about what this phone offers and most of the leaks were actually true.
  • Pixel 4 is the most ambitious smartphone Google has ever launched as the exciting new features, have made us quite excited for the handset’s reveal.
  • There are so many things about this year’s Google flagship phone that differentiate them from other Android devices and iPhones.

Google has announced its flagship smartphone; Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. These phones have a fast 90Hz refresh rate display that makes scrolling around more enjoyable, and games that support it animate smoother.


Here is the comparison of Pixel 4:

Pixel 4 Comparison
Comparison of Google’s new flagship

Text Table:

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The phones have a Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM. It comes with Android 10 pre-installed. Both phones differ when it comes to screen resolution, as well as their screen and battery size.

The Soli radar chip can sense your recognizing gestures to issue commands without touching the phone. The cameras of Pixel 4 are sure to set it apart in some way.

Here is a compiled list of specifications so that you can see how Pixel 4 stack up to other phones that you’re considering, whether it’s the iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10, One Plus 7T or any other flagship released this year.

Specifications overview:

Display: It has a 5.7-inch full HD+ OLED display, while the Pixel 4 XL steps up the size to 6.3 inches and has a resolution of Quad HD+.


Pixel 4 comes in three colors:

  1. Clearly White
  2. Just Black
  3. Orange


The rear camera is dominated by the camera module, just like the iPhone 11 Pro.

Pixel 4 features two rear lenses, a 12-MP wide-angle camera, and a 16-MP telephoto lens. The telephoto lens technically has a 2x optical zoom lens, but you can go a lot further with Google’s Super Res Zoom feature.

Another Key Highlight:

Its camera is Live HDR+ and the phone uses machine learning to approximate HDR+ in the viewfinder and you don’t have to fiddle with the exposure.

The Night Sight Mode:

The Night Sight mode of Pixel 4 has an astrophotography feature that enables you to take pictures of the night sky and get professional-looking results.

The Portrait Mode:

This mode uses both dual pixels and the dual cameras on the back that enables you to stand further back and capture larger objects.

Motion Sense and Face Unlock:

Google has revolutionized smartphone interaction through its Project Soli initiative. It incorporates an all-new radar sensor that can interpret motion at a distance with incredible precision. You just have to make gestures in the air and the device will respond appropriately in real-time.

CPU, RAM, and Storage:    

Both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor, paired with 6GB of RAM. The phones start with 64GB of storage and you can go up to 128GB but for that, you will have to spend $100 more than the base price.


It features a small 2,800 mAh battery as compared to other flagship phones. However, Pixel 4 XL boasts that capacity to 3,700 mAh but still, it is less than what other flagship phones offer.

The previously launched Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL gave Google two of the best camera phones. However, it is clear that Google is upping the ante with Pixel 4’s photography enhancements.

You can also get a faster Google Assistant, potentially handy gesture controls and smarter apps like Record with live transcriptions.

It seems that a common theme with Pixel 4 will save your time. Less time editing photos, less time talking to your assistant to get stuff done and no time in touching the screen with a phone that tries to anticipate your needs.

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