PML-N leadership is frightened and is on back-foot -Aitzaz Ahsan

  • Says urgency should come from the PML-N’s side to see Nawaz Sharif freed as soon as possible.
  • Says that PML-N is not presenting the alleged video in the courts and not interested in releasing Nawaz from the jail.
  • Says the leadership of PML-N is frightened because they have done the cutting and pasting in the video and matched it.

Aitzaz Ahsan, a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, wondered why the PML-N has not rushed to the court in light of the important evidence it has obtained.

Aitzaz noted that accountability court judge Arshad Malik has said there has been cutting and pasting in the video’s contents and has termed it manufactured.

He said that the matter has turned controversial and Maryam Nawaz along with the other members should submit the video to the court.

The court cannot release Nawaz immediately. They will first have to discover if the video is genuine and un-tampered, Aitzaz said.

The person who recorded the video will have to appear before the court and provide testimony under oath.

Similarly, the person who recorded the video will have to appear before the curt and also give testimony under oath. Besides this, Nasir Butt will also have to appear.

Moreover, the technician from the studio where the video was matched will have to appear before the court.

Such evidence has no admissibility until the person who records the video provides testimony before the court and verifies under oath that the photograph or video was, taken by him, Aitzaz said.

Aitzaz also said:

“You provide an unbroken piece of evidence so you will have to prove it this way.”

Suomotu notice:

Discussing whether the court should take a Suo Motu notice on the matter, he said that the decision can only be revised by a court of higher authority.

“It is clear that without a court order, Nawaz Sharif cannot get out of jail.”

Two courts are higher than Arshad Malik’s court and have the authority; the Islamabad High Court and the Supreme Court.

PML-N should rush to the courts:

Aitzaz also pointed out that the urgency should come from the PML-N’s side to see Nawaz Sharif freed as soon as possible.

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“The party should say we have genuine evidence.” He said that PML-N should rush it to the courts and insist that the matter be pursued immediately.

Aitzaz said the PML-N is not rushing the video in the courts because it is frightened and releasing the video was just a political thing.

If the evidence they have, proved fake then every person who was sitting in the press conference, will be held responsible and face the consequences, Aitzaz continued.

He said they have such an important piece of evidence in the case against Nawaz Sharif but still they are not trying to take Nawaz out of the jail.

“It seems PML-N is not interested in releasing Nawaz Sharif from the jail,” adding, “they should be run to the court with the evidence and plead for Nawaz’ release, he said.

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