This is what PMLN will have to do in order to prove their video scandal.

  • Says the leadership of PML-N will have to submit video trails in order to get rid of video scam that can lead them to severe consequences.
  • Says that PML-N has failed to provide money trails before the court and it can only release alleged videos but not the money trails.
  • Says that PML-N has provided cover-up evidence before the courts instead of direct evidence.

Everyone knows that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has a strong history regarding attacking and blackmailing the judiciary.

The leadership of PML-N has failed to provide money trails before the courts about assets abroad. They can release alleged videos but cannot provide money trails.

The PML-N hadn’t learned anything from past mistakes and still involved in blackmailing the judges by using different tactics for getting a concession from the government regarding corruption cases.

Here is what Aitzaz Ahsan says:

The senior advocate of the Supreme Court, AitzazAhsan, said that PML-N is having a difficult time just because of their own mistakes.

The Supreme Court has asked PML-N to present original video, original camera, original sim and original card on which the alleged video was recorded.

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AitzazAhsan said: “Unfortunately, the PML-N is unable to present this before the Court as they don’t have the original one.” adding: “I don’t know from where they will bring the original video clip.”

PML-N is being caught in two trails – Says Aitzaz

“Right now, the PML-N is facing two trails; Money Trail and Video Trail,” Aitzaz said.

He said money trail is necessary for the PML-N because Nawaz Sharif and his family own various assets abroad. In order to the prove the source of income, the party will have to provide money trails before the accountability court and only then Nawaz will be free from the jail.

Further, he said that the leadership of PML-N has used a lot of tactics to prove themselves right. Nawaz Sharif, on the floor of National Assembly had said that he isn’t involved in money laundering and corruption cases, Aitzaz added.

The senior advocate also said that Hasan Nawaz used to say that Nawaz Sharif has made properties abroad with his hard work and hasn’t plundered any single penny.

“Providing cover-up evidence is riskier than providing direct evidence,” Aitzaz stated.

He further said that providing money trail is necessary for the PML-N in order to get rid of cases regarding assets abroad.

Why video trail is necessary for PML-N?

AitzazAhsan said if PML-N doesn’t provide the video trail, they will have to face severe consequences. If the video scam proved false, the whole leadership of PML-N will suffer.

PML-N didn’t provide a money trail yet, how it would provide video trail?

Responding to this, Aitzaz said: “I don’t know why PML-N is fond of creating artificial evidence.”

While talking about Maryam Nawaz’s press conference, he said: “Maybe PML-N was thinking that Nawaz Sharif will be set free right after the release of video.”


The Sharif family is working like a Sicilian mafia in Pakistan that uses every tactic to get favorable judgments and try to threaten the judges as well.PML-N has a background of attacking judiciary and the alleged video of the accountability Judge was created by PML-N itself as they are addicted to using cheap tactics.

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