No more Power Theft – A new drive launched in KPK

No more Power Theft – A new drive launched in KPK

After 65% line losses Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), a new drive launched against power theft.

Mentioning the power theft while addressing a press conference in Chief Minister House Peshawar on Saturday, the Federal Minister for Energy Omar Ayub Khan said that almost 65% line losses of (PESCO) are concentrated in Bannu, Mardan and Peshawar districts.

“The Kunda system will not be tolerated anymore in the country,” the Minister said.

He further said, “I have directed PESCO to start operation against Kunda users from today.”



Police backup for the teams:

The Minister told that power utility’s recovery teams will have police backup. He said that he has directed DPOs, DCs, and other relevant departments to help PESCO. People found stealing electricity will be booked and prosecuted as per law, he said.

The main cause of power shortage:


Mr. Omar said that the main cause of power shortage is electricity theft from the use of hooks (Kunda) directly connected to power cables.

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Lesser load-shedding:

The Minister also assured the people that load shedding will come down in proportion to power theft, “lesser the power theft, lessen the load shedding.”


“We have also formed task forces to work on elimination of line losses,” Minister said.

He acknowledged that some employees of PESCO were involved in overbilling.

“We have planned to hire the third party for the audit of the institution for better performance,” the Minister told.

Share in power generation revenue:

Regarding share of a province in the power generation revenue he said,

“I have discussed the affairs of Power Division with Prime Minister Imran Khan and soon the KP hydroelectric profit portion would be released to the province.”



The campaign against power theft:

Earlier in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a province-wide campaign had been launched.

All those involved in stealing of electricity would be jailed besides imposition of heavy fines against them. Following this campaign, all the power stealers will be exposed before the public.

No more Power Theft – A new drive launched in KPK


In 2018, PESCO suffered losses worth of Rs65 billion due to Kunda connections across the province. Power thieves stole Rs4 billion worth of electricity from PESCO this year.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is fighting power theft in the country.

He took to social media to share the recent contributions of the power sector, and online users praised him and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party for their dedication.

To avoid line losses, the government will soon start the replacement of cables across the province from our own resources.

The government has also discussed with the technical department to enhance the profit of the ministry and better services.

Previous Campaigns:

PTI Govt ran a campaign against power theft about a month ago. The campaign was targetted against the power theft in Punjab.

Now it will go the same way for KPK. A campaign will be launched on electronic and social media with a creative advertisement. The thieves will be warned and convinced to stop the theft.



Source: Express Tribune

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