Pakistan rising on world economic horizon: Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan rising on global economic horizon: PM Imran
Pakistan rising on the global economic horizon: PM Imran
  • The prime minister issued this statement as he presided over a session of state officers these days.
  • Sources said that the prime minister assigned the responsibility of presenting facts concerning the economy to the officers attending.
  • Mr. Khan also said that people who cannot see Pakistan strengthening economically, are busy conspiring against the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan aforementioned on Tuesday that Pakistan is rising on the world economic horizon

The prime minister conjointly spoke on the continuing state of affairs in Indian occupied Kashmir, after the curfew, India’s true face has been exposed before the planet.

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan lauded his team’s economic team for turning around the economy among a year. In a post on Twitter, the prime minister aforementioned foreign direct investment witnessed a rise of 111.5 percent whereas foreign personal investment surged by 194 percent throughout this era.


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