Prime Minister Imran Khan kick-starts the 10 Billion trees tsunami

After the success of Billion Tree Tsunami in KPK, Prime Minister Imran Khan initiates the 10 billion tree tsunami project. 

The initiative is called Plat4Pakistan

The campaign was kicked off by the prime minister Imran Khan as he plants a tree in Haripur. Imran Khan has stated that this is not a responsibility of one person or the Govt only.

Everyone from the public will have to participate in the project to make Pakistan greener and safer. He added the figures of billion tree Tsunami KPK by saying that we planted one billion and 180 million trees there.

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Now the 10 billion tree tsunami will be for the whole country which will make a greener Pakistan. The prime minister has also said that the weather of Monson is almost over. That’s the reason we did not make any huge advertisements for the project.

But for the next 5 years, we will achieve the target fo planting a sum of 10 billion trees. There will be two main categories in this project

1- Plantation in the cities

The roads of the cities will be filled up with trees to fight the climate change and air pollution.

2-Planting new forests

Then there will be multiple projects of planting new forests. In the same way how PTI led KPK Govt has planted the new forests in KPK

Here is what the prime minister has tweeted:


The prime minister has also warned the nation that if we do not take this responsibility today, Pakistan could become a desert in the future.

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