Prime Minister of Pakistan leads the Social Media Diplomacy for Kashmir

Staying true to his words Prime Minister Imran Khan emerged as a true ambassador of Kashmir, voicing the cause of Kashmir at every international diplomatic and political forum.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's social media goes all Kashmir

While addressing to a rally in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir on 6th of February, Prime Minister Khan revitalized his commitment and staunch support to Kashmiri brethren by saying “Today, I’m not standing here as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, instead I stand before you as an ambassador of Kashmir”.

As a part of PM Khan’s aggressive Kashmir strategy, PM Khan has the best-made use of social media diplomacy. With minimal coverage of the rally in international publications, extensive social media coverage compensated for it.

Images & videos from Prime Minister’s Kashmir visit of 5th & 6th February flooded Facebook, Instagram & Twitter; raising awareness on Kashmir matter & pressing international community on being silent spectators. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s Instagram account went all Kashmir as it posted a full-page tiled image from the Azad Jammu & Kashmir rally which says Why Justice is mute in IOJ&K.

Imran Khan's Instagram goes all Kashmir
Imran Khan’s Instagram goes all Kashmir

The Prime Minister Office Twitter account which was only created after Imran Khan came in power tweeted ”
Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI and the people of Pakistan stand in solidarity with our brothers in IOK and will not rest until Kashmir is liberated of Modi’s atrocities”


PM office account tweets about Kashmir
PM office account tweets about Kashmir

A video explainer on his party pages went viral. It was shown in the video that how the once tolerant India is plagued with hate speech now as BJP staying true to it’s RSS roots is inciting violence against Muslims

Prime Minister Khan has been voicing Kashmir matter using his personal twitter handle for the last many months.

His effective use of social media and brilliant to the point speeches on international forums has truly internationalized the Kashmir issue. He was the first one to point out similarities between Modi & Hitler.

In just over 6 months, the entire world including many Indians are calling Modi by the same name and warning the world from another genocide waiting to happen in Kashmir

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