There was no statement on banning social media – PTA spokesperson

  • Various news channels have spread the news of PTA blocking social media websites in Pakistan over blasphemous content.
  • PTA clarifies that news about blocking social media is fake and that PTA Chairperson didn’t recommend that.
  • It is impossible to block social media in Pakistan as PM himself praised the members of social media during his recent visit to the US.
PTA Respond to Fake News of Blocking Social Media Websites
PTA Respond to Fake News of Blocking Social Media Websites

Two days back, there was news circulated by various news channels that Social Media is going to be banned in Pakistan but it is not true, PTA spokesperson confirmed.

Many news channels have broadcasted the news that Chairman of PTA, Amir AzeemBajwahas called on the government to block social media in the country in order to stop the circulation of blasphemous content.

PTA Spokesperson Rejected Media Reports Regarding the Blocking of Social Media:

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has denied the media reports of blocking social media websites over blasphemous content. The spokesperson of PTA said Chairperson didn’t recommend the blockage of social media websites and declared it fake news.

Here is what PTA spokesperson said:

“It is clarified that Chairman is being misquoted by some media houses, adding that “Chairman hasn’t recommended the government to block social media.”

This statement comes a few hours after various TV channels reported that Chairman PTA recommended a ban on social media over the circulation of blasphemous content.

The chairman of PTA had suggested the government to formulate a policy and recommended that like in other countries, indigenous social networking websites should be made.

He had said that the government tasked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to make social media rules which would be presented soon.

It is Impossible to Ban Social Media in Pakistan – Here is why.

In Pakistan, it is not possible to ban social media websites because Prime Minister ImranKhan has praised the members of the social media wing during his recent visit to the US.

PM Imran Khan thanked PTI’s social media team for highlighting the positive prospects of his first official visit to the United States.

Praising the efforts of PTI’s social media volunteers, PM in his Tweet, said:

Official Twitter Account of PTA Clarified the News:

The media reports of PTA recommending the blocking of social media websites are totally fake. The official Twitter account of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has also clarified it.


It is not possible to block social media websites a nation whose Prime Minister himself praises the efforts of social media volunteers. He admires their efforts of highlighting Pakistan positively. In addition to this, Social Media has also played a vital role in Imran Khan’s victory in General Election 2018. PM Imran Khan along with his political party, has been using social media more excessively than any other political party and is followed by millions of PTI supporters and well-wishers.



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