PTI Government Created 5.5 Million Jobs In 3 Years, FBS Report Reveals

Significant progress has been revealed in fulfilling Prime Minister Imran Khan’s promise to provide employment to one crore people. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, more than 5.5 million people were employed in the first three years of the current government.

The Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) said that Imran Khan’s promise of 10 million jobs would be more than half fulfilled in three years. However, despite the creation of new jobs, the overall unemployment rate increased.

According to the Labor Force Survey 2021, 1.84 million people were employed annually during the PTI era. Thus, in 3 years, the number of employed persons increased by 5.5 million and reached 67.3 million. At the end of the League era, 61.7 million people were employed.

The overall unemployment rate rose to 6.3 percent from 5.8 percent. The rate was highest in the last year.

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