Public Reaction on the news of Hamid Mir being fired from Geo

  • Hamid Mir has been recently expelled from Geo News.
  • According to journalist Wasim Abbasi, he’s barred from hosting the show.
  • He also claimed that Hamid Mir will remain the employee of Geo/Jang but won’t host any show.
  • Let’s take a look at how the public has responded to the news.

Public Reaction on the news of Hamid Mir being fired from Geo
Reaction on the news of Hamid Mir being fired from Geo

#1: Calling it an internal matter of Geo and Jang group:

#2: Some have tried to explain the reason why Hamid Mir would risk a job of Rs 5 million per month:

#3 This user has been praising Geo News for taking this “bold step”

#5: Another one praising Geo News for this act:

#6: Demanding for more action and saying that expelling from the job is not enough:

#7: Responding to Asma Sherazi who was strongly supporting Hamid Mir:

#8: The praise for Geo News is not stopping anywhere soon:

#9: A few have also said that it was actually the public-pressure that led to this:

#10: These users are predicting the future of Hamid Mir after he loses his job at Geo News:

So this is what the public has to say about Hamid Mir being expelled from Geo News. He has recently said that his voice is being silent and he won’t stop speaking the “truth”.

Some users on social media has been discussing that he can be back at Geo as this is not the first time he’s being sent off-air. People have argued that he will join back Geo/Jang group because this is what has happened in the past.

A group of journalists has been praising Haamid on this decision and presenting him as a hero of “freedom of expression” in Pakistan.

So what do you think about this decision of Geo News? Do you think he will join back or he’s gone permanently? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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