Punjab Becomes The First Province To Provide Free Test Tube Baby Facility

Lahore: The Punjab government has decided to provide test tube baby facility at the official level. According to a media report, the test tube baby facility will be available free of cost at the official level from June because the provincial government of Punjab has decided to provide test tube baby facility at the official level.

For the first time, these departments have been set up in the Maternal and Child Hospital, where free diagnosis of mental and physical problems in children before birth will also be made, while a center for diagnosis of various diseases of women during pregnancy will also be set up.

According to the BBC, IVF for the treatment of infertility in Pakistan was started in 1984 and it was introduced in Pakistan by Dr Rashid Latif Khan who established Pakistan’s first IVF center ‘Life’ in Lahore. After five years of hard work, the birth of Pakistan’s first test tube baby was made possible in 1989.

A Belgian court has imposed a hefty fine on a clinic for delivering a baby through a test tube, according to a foreign news agency. She contacted a clinic in Brussels for a test tube baby, but the clinic mistakenly changed the genes and the couple had twins who were unable to donate bone marrow. So the couple had to contact a clinic in Madrid to get a healthy donor.

The couple later filed a lawsuit against the Brussels Clinic, and the court ruled against the clinic, ordering the mother to pay 27,000 euros and the father 11,000 euros in damages. He also ordered to pay 25 thousand euros to reduce the financial burden.

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