Punjab Spends 300 Out Of 458 Billion Development Funds In Eight Months

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has been under severe criticism from various political circles of the country for not being very much media savvy since he came to power. A recent report in the media shows that Punjab is the province which has utilized about 66% of the development budget during the first eight months of the current financial year.

Which reminds us of the idiom that actions speak louder than the words. This is highly commendable as in general, development funds are not fully utilized not only by the provinces but also by the federal government.

According to Sehar Iqbal, spokesperson of the planning and development department of the province, Rs. 458 billion was released for various departments of the province out of which Rs. 300 billion has been utilized.

He said that Chairman Planning and Development Board Abdullah Khan Sanbal was personally taking care of the whole process. That is why on the one hand the process of approval of development schemes is going on and on the other hand all the obstacles in the use of funds have been removed and Punjab has got a historic victory in this regard.

Sehar Iqbal told the media that the Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) had several meetings and the result of these meetings was commendable performance of various departments.

Elaborating on the utilization of funds by various departments, a spokesperson of the provincial P&D department said that the school education department utilized 79% of its total 31.7 billion, for a total of Rs. 30.7 billion for the Department of Local Government and Community Development. Issued that used. 65% of its funds.

Similarly, the agriculture sector utilized 58% of the total Rs.29.9 billion, the Planning and Development Department utilized a total of Rs.26.1 billion which constitutes 84% ​​of the total funds, and the Irrigation Department utilized 50% of the funds.

He said that other departments like primary and secondary health care, transport, higher education, industry, sports and youth affairs, environment and energy used their funds from 34% to 87%.

Commenting on the historic performance of Punjab in the form of proper utilization of funds, the Chairman Planning and Development Board said that the people of the province would reap real benefits from the work of various departments of the province.

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