This is how media gets triggered on political tweet from Ramiz Raja

  • Ramiz Raja tweeted about the political situation of Pakistan
  • In his tweet on April 26th, he pointed out the problems with media.
  • The electronic media gets triggered and doesn’t allow Ramiz Raja to have an opinion.
Ramiz Raja tweets about media and everyone gets triggered

One tweet of Ramiz Raja on politics and the whole media gets triggered.

Here is what he said in his first tweet:


After this tweet, he was heavily criticized by the journalists of Pakistan. The same journalists who preach freedom of speech but couldn’t tolerate when someone else expresses their opinion.

Here is the answer from Ramiz Raja after the journalists of Pakistan were triggered:


 Here is what the media personnel were saying, after which Ramiz Raja had to come up with the tweet above. 



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Ramiz Raja had a simple point that he has the right to express himself. All of these journalists are always preaching about the freedom of expressions. But their ego is badly hurt when someone else expresses their opinion.

They are trying to behave like no one out of journalistic groups can have an opinion. The term ‘freedom of expression’ can only be used by us journalists.


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