RAPE And Response Of Rapist’s Family – by:  ZAINAB FATIMA

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Rape is not only an incident but cause of destruction of whole nation. It  is eating up the morality of our society. The word “rape” is very short and easy in pronunciation but it is actually a disaster itself. Every day we hear a new story of rape, just victims and rapists are changed. But this cruel act is not decreasing, from ZAINAB  to NASEEM its going on!!!
If we consider that rape occurs due to short clothing of girls but what of those victims of two years, three years, if those innocent little girls were spreading immortality?
A girl wearing abaya is also victim of rape, a girl of teenage is also victim of rape, a girl wearing short clothes is also victim of rape, a girl wearing full clothes is also victim of rape.
Rape is not because of clothing, main reason is lack of education.
Education cannot be only taken from books, it is something every mother should teach their sons. Because of lack of education of Islam, our society is moving towards negative side.
Implementation of islam is much needed now a days.
Instead of focusing on dowry of daughters, parents should focus on the mental growth of their sons. Because men with healthy mindsets can built our society’s morale.

At the present time most important thing is to educate and improve the thinking of sons. Teach them they are responsible for insecurity and security of any girl in the society. Normally men do respect their own sisters and mothers, and are involved in mocking other’s sisters and mothers but they should learn that every woman is equally respectable. Either she is your sister or not, even if she doesn’t belong to your family she deserves the same respect as much you have for your own sister, if every man get that point then situation can be under control.
Mostly rapists have some psychological issues. Some of them are attention seekers or some are not normal mentally. When these small roots becomes tree of vulgarity then a rapist takes nourishment and grows up. The person who does this cruel act is not human for sure.
According to our society, girl is not secure alone, she is not allowed to live alone in home but why everybody ignores the main fact? Why she is insecure? Because of whom?
Reason of her insecurity is “Man”, so we should control the endless hunger of those men instead of asking a girl to hide herself in cage, we need to hide and kill those rapists. They should be not allowed to roam in society.
If these cruel rapists gets the actual punishment they deserve then the rape cases will surely decrease. But in actual rapists are free everywhere. People supporting Rapists are equally responsible in this ruthless sin. Before protecting a Rapists people should think that they are not only supporting a rapist but also this act of rape. It encourages rapists and after sometime he repeats this act because he knows people are gonna support him, his  family will protect him, No one is gonna punish him, All these facts encourages a rapists. If he know his family will never ever support him no one will protect him then may he will think once or twice.
Its my message to those people whoever is reading this please never support a Rapist even if he is your beloved brother or son, rapist is just a Rapist. He should be hanged publicly without any consideration.
Instead of asking questions from victims punish the rapist.
Educate such men which are involved in this ruthless act. Reason of rape is not only the short clothing but also mentality of men which becomes Rapists.

The life of victim is not easy as much as people think, she dies every day. Being a victim only a girl knows how she suffer.
Rape leaves permanent stamp in the life of victim. Support such girls, our support and protection can bring her back to life.

There should be no compromise. Response of rapist’s family is main thing which matters. This is what which is involved in generating more rapists.

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