Rapid Mailing System by Pakistan Post – Delivery in 12 hours

Rapid Mailing System by Pakistan Post

Pakistan post has been suffering losses due to the increased revenue and expenditure.

These losses are due to an increase in pay and allowances granted by the government to the employees.

Rapid Mailing System:

Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to revamp Pakistan Post. Now his efforts have yielded fruits. The national courier department has introduced the Rapid Mailing System in the country. It is a 12 hour guaranteed delivery service.

With this mailing system, you can send your parcels across the country within just one day. An article posted before 1 pm, will be delivered before 12 am same night.

Electronic Money Order System:

The government has also launched the Electronic Money Order System. It will make quick transactions of money across the country.

How will it work?

Through Electronic Money Order System, you will be able to send as much as Rs50,000 within one day anywhere in Pakistan.

The ad of Pakistan post for same day delivery.

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Where will it start?

In the first phase, the One Day Delivery System will start in 25 cities and the Electronic Money Order System will start in 80 cities. Both systems will be initiated across the country.


What will it do?

It goes well, both services would be revolutionary for the loss-making Pakistan Post. A large portion of the country is unfamiliar with internet banking services, this system will be the solution for such people. They will be able to transfer money to their loved ones in remote areas of the country.

Here is a video report:


It can be a major booster for the delivery services in Pakistan. The private sector only grew because Pakistan Post was not performing well.

Like the rest of the world, A Government-backed posting service is always more reliable. It can be a replacement for companies like TCS and DHL in Pakistan. If the management of Pakistan Post pulls it off successfully.

A successful execution of this plan can be a great news for the nation. Advancement in the state institution is in the great benefit of the public. When the latest technology is used by the Government as well as the private sector, it heavily boosts the economy.

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