Rauf Klaasra talks about the process of Nawaz Sharif’s Bail.

  • Rauf Klaasra says “Everyone whos father is in jail, should make a twitter account.
  • Every other prisoner who has stress should be granted bail.
  • Everyone’s family would be stressing out so they should also be freed.

Rauf Klaasra shows his anger over the bail of Nawaz Sharif on medical grounds.

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Here is the sarcastic suggestion of Rauf Klaasra to every prisoner’s daughter:

  1. They should make a Twitter account.
  2. Put the picture of your father as the display picture of the account.
  3. Launch the campaign in compassionate grounds.
  4. You have all these rights because a precedent has been set.
  5. Then get 8 to 10 columnists and anchorpersons on your side.
  6. Start making the noise like if you don’t free Nawaz Sharif, there will be chaos in the country.

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Everyone who can’t get the relief on “stress” basis, they don’t have all of these above-mentioned facilities.

Klaasa explains the condition of other prisoners:

Rauf Klaasra talks about some prisoners who are in the critical stage of HIV Aids. These people are not even getting the required treatment.

Leave the patients of heart and diabetes, I’m only talking about the people on the last stages of HIV, says Rauf Klasra.

The bail of Nawaz Sharif was a whole package:

Mr. Klasra explains how this whole episode of bail was a master plan.

Maryam Nawaz started sharing the reports of her father on a daily basis. Then she gathered some anchors and journalists with the combination of her social media team.

The fear:

He also claims that Maryam Nawaz was able to successfully create a fear. The fear of Nawaz Sharif’s death that if something happens to him, the Govt will be responsible.

He mentions the statement of Ansar Abbas where he said that Nawaz Sharif’s death might be a judicial murder like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and it might not spare the Govt.

So this decision was a result of a number of considerations. 


The suggestions on Nawaz Sharif’s treatment:

There was no such place where Nawaz Sharif’s treatment was not possible. He then repeats his 6 points of having the Twitter account and anchorpersons.

The arguments of Khwaja Haris:

Amir Mateen talks about the arguments of Nawaz Sharif’s lawyer Khwaja Haris. “Khwaja Haris had no solid argument left and he turned to Stress”


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