Rauf Klasra explains the expenses of prime minister house during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure.

Nawaz Sharif made a claim that he used to pay the expenses of PM house form his own pocket.

Rauf Klasra comes up with a response to it. He states that PKR 7.5 Billion was spent only on the personal security of Sharif Family.

Then he explains the money spent on the Jati Umra house. Here is the list

  • The millions of rupees spent on the security of Jati Umra, were taken out of the Punjab Budget.
  • A total of 2752 security guards are were deployed on the house of Jati Umrah.
  • A special group of commandos was also there for the security of the house of Sharifs.
  • 800 Million Rupees were spent only on the purchase of security devices and gadgets for Sharifs.
  • The fence of 4 kilometers around Jati Umrah was covered with the security devices.
  • 100 latest LED lights were installed for the security.
  • A total of 20 elevator checkpoints were made
  • A 12 feet high fence in a length of 4.5 kilometers.
  • 19 crore and 72 Lac Rupees were spent for the devices an gadgets for the checkpoints.
  • Jammers purchased with 1.25 Crore Rupees
  • A generator purchased with 84 Crore Rupees
  • Detective dogs purchased with 4.5 Million Rupees
  • Security squad of Hamza Shahbaz, Mrs Nusrat Shahbaz ,Salman Shahbaz , Tehmina Durrani and the son in law of Shahbaz Sharif , Imran Ali.
There are many more expenses which cannot even be counted in the list for now.

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