Reham chants ‘Rok Sako to Rok Lo’ for Fazalur Rehman and gets trolled

  • Reham Khan has been pretty active on Twitter and Youtube
  • She chants ‘Rok Sako To Rok Lo’ for Molana Fazal Ur Rehman’s protest.
  • She made a video on Youtube where she says that.
  • Twitter didn’t come slow when she shared that clip on her account.
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reham khan gets trolled while promoting fazalur rehman
reham khan gets trolled while promoting fazalur rehman

Of course her frustration has a point, she missed being the first lady of Pakistan and now she is literally abusing the Prime Minister Imran Khan all day. She even went to Indian channels and blamed Pakistan just to spit her hatred at Imran Khan.

Reham Khan tried to troll Imran Khan but ends up getting roasted instead.


Another interesting point when it comes to trolling her:

Whenever she uploads a video on her Youtube channel, she always ends up getting more dislikes on her video. The number of likes is always lesser or equal to the number of dislikes.

Let’s take a look at how she gets roasted on ‘Rok Sako To Rok Lo’


All of them united against IK and still failing:

What did she use to get high? this user also wants that:

Responding just with a photo:

And this one was on fire 😂

Missed her chance of being the first lady:

And some of them are saying she was drunk:

Valid question; If JUI-F is everywhere, why didn’t they win any seats?

A suggestion for her to come back to Pakistan:

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