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Respect is one of the major factor in building up relations and lack of respect in any relation create discomfort among people which ultimately results in the end of relations. Giving respect to our loved ones makes  our relations more stronger.
It doesn’t matter which type of relation it is, respect is much more important in every type of relationship.

Base of every relationship depends upon how much respect you give to other person.

With the fragrance of respect every relation grows up like a garden and it enhances the beauty of any kind of relation.  But when there is no respect then without respect every relation seems like the needle, which only knows to hurt each other.
Respect is mandatory for spreading love kindness and peace. Because one can live without love and anything else but not without respect.
It is the first condition of love, If there is no respect among people in love then it means there is no love among them actually.
The fragrance of respect creates peace in the environment.
Respect is major part of humanity. People usually demands to get respect from others but why they forgot to give respect.
The respect which we want to get can only be achieved by giving respect to others.
Untill we are not agree to respect others we cannot get respect back .
Respecting others will never ever make us disrespect nor it will decrease our name in society.
Infact it is an investment, the more we invest the more we will get return with huge interest. Similarly the less we invest the less we will get.
It is fact people only respect wealthy community of our society, we forgot how to respect our lower community. Normally everyone thinks that they don’t deserve to be respected which is absolutely wrong and should not be acceptedas nation.

Everyone in our society should be equally respected  either it belongs to whichever community of our society.
According to my point of view every human  being is respectable. No one should be disrespected.
We can solve our national or personal issues by giving respect to  others, it is the only solution to make our environment peaceful.

Respecting others purify our souls and give us satisfaction.

Respect is not only speaking sweet words to others but it is actually admiring others with the bottom of heart. It results in softening the heart of others for us which makes a peaceful society.

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