Fighting with puns, not guns – Response from Pakistani brands to India.

The brands of Pakistan have an interesting response for the hate mongers of India.

Pakistani reaction to hate mongers in India after Pulwama Attack

The situation in India has been firing up since the deadly attack in Pulwama. Without wasting a minute, Indian media, govt, and some other hate mongers started to blame it on Pakistan.

There are some high profile celebrities among these hate-mongers.

Pakistanis, on the other hand, have been taking it on a lighter note. There has been a storm of memes after these Indian threats.

Some of the Pakistani brands have come up with unique ideas.

Here is how they’ve responded to Indian hate-mongers:


Let’s help them


Some epic responses from other Pakistanis:


Summing up Pakistani reaction:

Pakistani social media accounts and pages have been flooded with Indian hatred since Pulwama Attack. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s official page was under some serious comments-attack from Indians.

The language used in these comments was far more than abusive. But Pakistanis are doing what these brands did; responding to these hateful comments in a sarcastic and humorous way.

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